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Model Cap. lbs/kg G.W. lbs/kg N.W. lbs/kg
Y471147hd 441/200 68/31 65/29.5

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Jack Stands

All of our standard jack stands have a heavy-duty robot welded frame, and a multi-position ductile ratchet bar. The quick adjustment mechanism allows the user to securely lock the stand into the right location. These models also Include counter-weighted pawls for safe securing. Each model is sold as a set of two stands
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Wheel Assist

The Winntec Wheel Assist allows a technician to remove and replace heavy tire/wheel assemblies from and onto a vehicle without physical strain. Move tires from vehicle to changer to balancer and back without any lifting! This ergonomically correct product maintains safety in any tire shop and reduces expensive worker injury claims by handling all passenger sizes, including run-flats, with ease. The Wheel Assist travels from floor to post-lift height, and is free of hydraulics, pneumatics, and electric components making it virtually maintenance free. Weight capacity 132 lbs. (60 kg) Click here to see the video.
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Wheel Breaker Set

This Wheel Breaker Kit eliminates one of the most dangerous jobs within the tire service industry. The manual hydraulic pump allows technician to free / loosen frozen or oxidized wheels from each other or from the vehicle.
  • Hydraulic Stroke: 1.0”/25.4 mm
  • Cylinder: 3.5”/9 cm
  • 4 adaptors included: .39”/1 cm, .98”/2.5 cm, 1.9”/5 cm, adjustable 3.4”/8.7 cm, – 4.9”/12.5 cm
  • Adapters included for various travel distances / wheel configurations
  • Manual hydraulic foot pump included
  • Case included
  • Weight: 40.7 lbs/18.5 kg
  • This wheelbreaker kit eliminates one of the most dangerous jobs within the tire service industry
  • Wheel removal + (Alloy and light steel wheels are often literally frozen (glued) to the vehicle)
  • Weight: 40.7 lbs/18.5 kg
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Air/Manual Bottle Jack

20 Ton capacity. This unit includes a welded base to prolong service. Chrome main ram and aluminum air motor guarantee optimum lifetime. Air filter and air regulator connected to hose, included. Y432003 comes on trolley. Download product information (Y432003). Download product information (Y432020).
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This single stage air service jack delivers 24 Tons of lifting power. It is designed to meet and exceed the expectations of a quality jack at a very competitive price. The Y432024 comes equipped with an extension screw, individual extension pegs, and heavy duty wheels designed for daily use.
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Wheel Dolly

  • Easy installation and removal of truck tire/wheel assemblies
  • One man control
  • Heavy-duty industrial bearings
  • 3 positions for rollers depending on tire size
  • Great tool for every service truck
  • Avoid Damage to wheel bolts and expensive modern rims
  • For all wheels from 6.5” - 24.5”, including super singles
  • New longer rollers make it even easier to handle super single tires
HOW THE WHEEL DOLLY Y471105hd WORKS: To Remove from Vehicle
  1. After the vehicle is positioned on jack stands and the lug nuts are removed, slide the Tire Dolly under the tire so that the rollers come into contact.
  2. Apply downward force on the handle to raise the tire/wheel assembly, and pull away from the vehicle.
To Place onto Vehicle
  1. Place O-LINE-ER(s) on stud(s).
  2. Lift tire/wheel assembly with Tire Dolly and roll toward vehicle.
  3. Raise tire/wheel assembly and line up stud holes with O-LINE-ER(s).
  4. Remove Tire Dolly and slide tire/wheel assembly onto hub.
Download product information.
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The SMART Disc Y471122 guarantees extra mobility and flexibility during tire servicing. The robust discs are fitted with wheels so that they can be used independently. However, even more impressive and unique is its function when combined with the SMART Cart. The SMART Cart Y471147HD “scoops” the SMART Disc from the floor so that it can be moved between the vehicle and the warehouse.
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Gaither’s O’liner

Gaither O Liner tool is designed to make it easy to line up wheels studs with holes in rim for easy installation, resulting in decreased installation time, which can increase worker productivity and reduce risk of injury from struggling with heavy tires and rims. Click here to see the video.
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As a dual stage air service jack, the Y432032 has an exceptional entrance height for the lifting power that it provides. That, combined with its compact dimensions, makes it ideal for both workshop and roadside service. In addition, the Y432032 is equipped with air controlled descent to ensure maximum safety while dealing with heavy loads, and extensions for added height.
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Garage Jacks

Winntec’s garage jacks are built from quality materials and loaded with features to increase the durability and efficiency of each unit.
  • The pump pistons are placed at a 45° angle so a complete pumping stroke will always be utilized.
  • The professional universal joint release valve makes it possible to lower the jack with a load very precisely and safely.
  • Every model comes equipped with a handle protector.
  Download product information 420225,  420303, 420500422500, 420250, 420300, 420302, 420330